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About The Site

"Okinawa disaster prevention information portal ハイサイ!防災で~びる" (this will be referred as "this site" as follows) offer the following services about disasters in Okinawa Prefecture in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Registration fee and use of each service are free, so please utilize by all means.
* Please note that user must pay connection expenses such as packet transmission and data communication rates.

Disaster Prevention Information Service

Okinawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention , Twitter, Facebook

Okinawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention provides disaster prevention information/news information on Twitter and Facebook.

Okinawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention Twitter
Account @okinawabousai
URL http://twitter.com/@okinawabousai

■ What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a service on the internet that provides the simple sentence information within 140 characters called the tweet, and to read.

■ Usage

You can read the tweet that Okinawa Disaster Prevention System sends it to from the account URL mentioned above. In addition, a person who has an account can read tweet by following us. Please refer to Twitter help center for the usage of Twitter.

Twitter Help Center

Okinawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention Facebook
Account okinawabousai
URL http://facebook.com/okinawabousai

■ What Is Facebook?

Facebook is world's largest SNS (Social Networking Service), and used by people all over the world as a communication tool on the Internet.

■ Usage

You can read it from the Facebook page mentioned above. Account registration is necessary to push the "Like" button, and to contribute comments. Please refer to Facebook help center for the usage of Facebook.

Facebook Help Center

Distributed Information List of Twitter, Facebook
NO. Distributed Information NO. Distributed Information
1 News Information 15 Seismic Intensity Information
2 Evacuation Preparation Information 16 Information about the Epicenter
3 Evacuation Advisory Report 17 Information about the Epicenter and Intensity
4 Evacuation Order Report 18 Tsunami Advisory
5 Report of Established Emergency Shelters 19 Tsunami Warning
6 Heavy Rain Emergency Warning 20 Large Tsunami Warning
7 Storm Emergency Warning 21 Eruption Warning
8 High Wave Emergency Warning 22 Landslide Disaster Warning Information
9 Storm Surge Emergency Warning 23 Information About Ballistic Missiles
10 Blizzard Emergency Warning 24 Air Strike Information
11 Heavy Snow Emergency Warning 25 Information About Guerilla & Special Force Attack
12 Heavy Rain Warning 26 Megaterrorism Information
13 Flood warning 27 Fire Prompt Report
14 Storm warning    
Okinawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention Mail Distribution Service

■ Okinawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention Mail Distribution

A service to distribute each information that are released by Okinawa Prefecture Disaster Prevention System, including weather, earthquake and evacuation information of disaster prevention via email. Disaster prevention information will be delivered to e-mail address that is registered by appointing an area that you wish, selecting information to receive, and enrolling in the service.

■ Usage

The registration of the disaster prevention mail delivery service is enabled from a link on Disaster Prevention Email Registration on the menu on our site.
A list below shows information which you can receive via email from the Disaster Prevention System.
* Chances are, you may receive a mail with the similar contents as we distribute if you register other disaster prevention information mail delivery service run by each village, town or city. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

List of Distribution Information of Disaster Prevention Mail
NO. Distribution Information Contents Note
1 Evacuation Information Evacuation Preparation Information  
2 Evacuation Information Evacuation Advisory Report  
3 Evacuation Information Evacuation Order Report  
4 Evacuation Information Report of Established Emergency Shelters  
5 Weather Information (Emergency Warning) Heavy Rain Emergency Warning  
6 Weather Information (Emergency Warning) Storm Emergency Warning  
7 Weather Information (Emergency Warning) High Wave Emergency Warning  
8 Weather Information (Emergency Warning) Storm Surge Emergency Warning  
9 Weather Information (Emergency Warning) Blizzard Emergency Warning  
10 Weather Information (Emergency Warning) Heavy Snow Emergency Warning  
11 Weather Information (Warning) Heavy Rain Warning  
12 Weather Information (Warning) Flood warning  
13 Weather Information (Warning) Storm warning  
14 Weather Information (Warning) High Wave Warning  
15 Weather Information (Warning) Storm Surge Warning  
16 Weather Information (Warning) Heavy Snow Warning  
17 Weather Information (Warning) Blizzard Warning  
18 Weather Information (Advisory) Heavy Rain Advisory  
19 Weather Information (Advisory) Flooding Advisory  
20 Weather Information (Advisory) Heavy Snow Advisory  
21 Weather Information (Advisory) Storm Advisory  
22 Weather Information (Advisory) Blizzard Advisory  
23 Weather Information (Advisory) High Wave Advisory  
24 Weather Information (Advisory) Storm Surge Advisory  
25 Weather Information (Advisory) Heavy Fog Advisory  
26 Weather Information (Advisory) Thunder Advisory  
27 Weather Information (Advisory) Dry Air Advisory  
28 Weather Information (Advisory) Avalanche Advisory  
29 Weather Information (Advisory) Ice Accretion Advisory  
30 Weather Information (Advisory) Snow Accretion Advisory  
31 Weather Information (Advisory) Snowmelt Advisory  
32 Weather Information (Advisory) Frost Advisory  
33 Weather Information (Advisory) Low Temperature Advisory  
34 Landslide Disaster Warning Information Landslide Disaster Warning Information  
35 Information about the Epicenter and Intensity Breaking Seismic Intensity Information
36 Information about the Epicenter and Intensity Information about the Epicenter
37 Information about the Epicenter and Intensity Information about the Epicenter and Intensity
38 News Information News Information  
39 Fire Prompt Report Fire Prompt Report  
40 Tsunami Information Tsunami Advisory  
41 Tsunami Information Tsunami Warning  
42 Tsunami Information Large Tsunami Warning  
43 High Temperature Advisory Information High Temperature Advisory Information  
44 Heavy Rain Information in Record Time Heavy Rain Information in Record Time  
45 Tornado Precaution Information Tornado Precaution Information  
46 Information about Civil Protection Information About Ballistic Missiles  
47 Information about Civil Protection Air Strike Information  
48 Information about Civil Protection Information About Guerilla & Special Force Attack  
49 Information about Civil Protection Megaterrorism Information  
50 Eruption Information Eruption Warning  

■ Cities, towns and villages targeted to distribute including warning and advisory.

Regarding information distribution areas in the Disaster Prevention Mail Service, areas in the table below, we integrated cities, villages and towns conformed to secondary subdivision areas that the Meteorological Agency established, will be a range of areas to select in the disaster prevention mail

Prefectures Forecast Ward Primary Subdivision Area The area that integrates villages, towns and cities Name of Secondary Subdivision Area
Okinawa Main Island Region Main Island North Izena & Iheya Iheya Village、Izena Village
Kunigami Area Kunigami Village、Ogimi Village、Higashi Village
Nago Area Nago City、Nakijin Village、Motobu Town、Ie Village
Onna & Kin Area Onna Village、Ginoza Village、Kin Town
Main Island South-Central Middle Ginowan City、Okinawa City、Uruma City、Yomitan Village、Kadena Town、Chatan Town、Kitanakagusuku Village、Nakagusuku Village
South Naha City、Urasoe City、Itoman City、Tomigusuku City、Nanjo City、Nishihara Town、Yonabaru Town、Haebaru Town、Yaese Town
Kerama & Aguni Islands Tokashiki Village、Zamami Village、Aguni Village、Tonaki Village
Kumejima (Kumejima) Kumejima Town
Daito-jima Region Daitojima Region (Daitojima Region) Minamidaito Village、Kitadaito Village
Miyako-jima Region Miyako-jima Region Miyakojima Miyakojima City
Tarama Island Tarama Village
Yaeyama Region Ishigakijima Region Ishigaki City Ishigaki City
Taketomi Town Taketomi Town
Yonaguni Region (Yonaguni Region) Yonaguni Town
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