Emergency Inquiry

Cities, Towns and Villages

Area Name of Village, Town or City Telephone Number
Northern Area Nago City 0980-53-1212
Northern Area Kunigami Village 0980-41-2101
Northern Area Ogimi Village 0980-44-3001
Northern Area Higashi Village 0980-43-2201
Northern Area Nakijin Village 0980-56-2101
Northern Area Motobu Town 0980-47-2101
Northern Area Onna Village 098-966-1200
Northern Area Ginoza Village 098-968-5111
Northern Area Kin Town 098-968-2111
Northern Area Ie Village 0980-49-2001
Northern Area Iheya Village 0980-46-2001
Northern Area Izena Village 0980-45-2001
Middle Ginowan City 098-893-4411
Middle Urasoe City 098-876-1234
Middle Okinawa City 098-939-1212
Middle Uruma City 098-974-3111
Middle Yomitan Village 098-982-9200
Middle Kadena Town 098-956-1111
Middle Chatan Town 098-936-1234
Middle Kitanakagusuku Village 098-935-2233
Middle Nakagusuku Village 098-895-2131
Middle Nishihara Town 098-945-5011
South Naha City 098-867-0111
South Itoman City 098-840-8111
South Tomigusuku City 098-850-0024
South Nanjo City 098-948-7111
South Yonabaru Town 098-945-2201
South Haebaru Town 098-889-4415
South Tokashiki Village 098-987-2321
South Zamami Village 098-987-2311
South Aguni Village 098-988-2016
South Tonaki Village 098-989-2002
South Minamidaito Village 0980-22-2001
South Kitadaito Village 0980-23-4001
South Kumejima Town 098-985-7121
South Yaese Town 098-998-2200
Miyako Miyakojima City 0980-72-3751
Yaeyama Ishigaki City 0980-82-9911
Yaeyama Tarama Village 0980-79-2011
Yaeyama Taketomi Town 0980-82-6191
Yaeyama Yonaguni Town 0980-87-2241

Okinawa Fire Fighting Head Office

Name Telephone Number
Fire department headquarters of Naha City 098-867-0119
Fire department headquarters of Ginowan City 098-892-2299
Fire department headquarters of Ishigaki City 0980-82-4047
Fire department headquarters of Urasoe City 098-875-0119
Fire department headquarters of Nago City 0980-52-2121
Fire department headquarters of Itoman City 098-992-3661
Fire department headquarters of Okinawa City 098-929-1190
Fire department headquarters of Tomigusuku City 098-850-3105
Fire department headquarters of Uruma City 098-973-4838
Fire department headquarters of Miyako-jima City 0980-72-0943
Fire department headquarters of Kumejima-cho 098-985-3281
Fire association, fire department headquarters of Nakijin-son, Motobu-cho, 0980-47-7119
Fire department of Shimajiri, cleaning association, fire department headquarters 098-948-2512
Fire association, fire department headquarters of East area 098-945-2200
Fire association, fire department headquarters of Nakagusuku, Kiga-nakagusuku 098-935-4748
Fire, sanitary association, fire department headquarters of Kin area 098-968-2020
Administration association, fire department headquarters of Kunigami area 0980-41-5100
Administration association, Nirai fire department headquarters of Hijagawa 098-956-9914

Okinawa Police Station

Name Telephone Number
The Okinawa Police Headquarters 098-862-0110
Naha Police Station 098-836-0110
Tomigusuku Police Station 098-850-0110
Itoman Police Station 098-995-0110
Yonabaru Police Station 098-945-0110
Urasoe Police Station 098-875-0110
Ginowan Police Station 098-898-0110
Okinawa Police Station 098-932-0110
Kadena Police Station 098-956-0110
Uruma Police Station 098-973-0110
Ishikawa Police Station 098-964-4110
Nago Police Station 0980-52-0110
Motobu Police Station 0980-47-4110
Miyakojima Police Station 0980-72-0110
Yaeyama Police Station 0980-82-0110

Emergency Hospital

Area Name Telephone Number
South Naha Municipal Hospital 098-887-1199
Middle Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Hospital 098-973-4111
Northern Area Okinawa Prefectural Hokubu Hospital 0980-52-2719
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